.xJazzaxCorex. (xxxjamzxxx) wrote in all_emo_rejects,

The Basics
Name: Jazzmaun Brown
Age: 15
Location: metcalfe county, kentucky
A short description of yourself: umm i don't know how to describe myself...i'm shy but if you get to know me i can be fun =P

5 Favourite Bands: taking back sunday, fall out boy, the used, dashboard confessional, daphne loves derby
5 Favourite Movies: donnie darko, the breakfast club, 16 candles, pretty in pink, bubble boy
Who is your favourite musician and why?: taking back sunday, because i can listen to their music and it cheers me up.
What is your favourite TV show?: one tree hill
What is your favourite song?: your own disaster - taking back sunday

what is your definition of emo? emotions, it's that simple...

This is for the cam whores
Picture(s) of yourself: (5 max)

the quality is really poor, i need a new cam ♥
*note, if you don't have a picture draw one on paint or something*
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