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salveo people!

The Basics
Name: Kelly [KB]
Age: 14
Location: T-NAC nj
A short description of yourself: i've got brown hair, brown eyes, and a crazy personality. i'm just a crazy kid. i'm a tree-hugger with opinions the size of jupiter. i also dont eat red meats or pork or veal. i write. i play. i photograph. i do what i want. oh yeah, and i can't spell very well.

5 Favourite Bands: the all american rejects, brand new, the clash, taking back sunday, and the academy is
5 Favourite Movies: the breakfast club, dazed&confused, ferris bueler's day off, back to the future, & Lifetime movies
Who is your favourite musician and why?: Nick Wheeler, because his guitar riffs have changed my life, and his lyrics are the reason i breath.
What is your favourite TV show?: SUPERNATURAL
What is your favourite song?: wow, this is a tough question...The Last Song by the all american rejects or Seventy Times 7 by Brand New. a toss up, sorry i cant pick.

what is your definition of emo? dashboard confessional.
hahah. no really, just people writing and expressing the truth.

This is for the cam whores
Picture(s) of yourself: (5 max)
Image hosting by Photobucket
^me being a drama queen
Image hosting by Photobucket
^me being a nerd
Image hosting by Photobucket
^me being...happy?
Image hosting by Photobucket
^my fake red graffiti walmart converse
Image hosting by Photobucket
^me playing my guitar. because i love it.

sorry the last two weren't exactly of me, but they're deffinetly a big part of my life.
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