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I know I've applied before...

I know I've applied before and stuff but I've been idle for like months. So yeah apply again to get you all up to scratch on me. =D


The Basics

Name: Ally
Age: 16
Location: Cardiff, which is in the UK for all you americans in wales. not in england.
A short description of yourself: Uhhh hyper, sarcastic , chain smoker. cool. =D.


5 Favourite Bands: Brand New , Senses Fail , Billy Talent , Bloc Party , Taking Back Sunday
5 Favourite Movies: Moulin Rouge , Breakfast at Tiffanys , Fight Club , Napoleon Dynamite , Spongebob Squarepants
Who is your favourite musician and why?: ..I don't credit single musicians I credit the bands.
What is your favourite TV show?: Charmed , Buffy or the very very sexy O.C
What is your favourite song?: Soco Ameretto Line 2 - Brand New

what is your definition of emo? someone who listens to emo music and I suppose dresses in a certain way. It all depends on you if you think your emo you can be if you do't think your emo who is everyone else too call you that?!

This is for the cam whores
i just got my hair cut so be nice

and now before the cut

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