kt. (_pink_and_black) wrote in all_emo_rejects,


The Basics
Name: KT schuyler
Age: 15
Location: Ontario canada
A short description of yourself:
i like music. a lot.
my friends mean more to me than anything.
i like emo music.
theres a picture of me. so i dont have to describle how i look.

5 Favourite Bands: 1] Fall Out Boy 2] Taking Back Sunday 3] the Spill Canvas 4] A Heartwell Ending 5] Motion City Soundtrack
5 Favourite Movies: 1] Thirteen 2] Girl Inturrepted 3] Jawbreaker 4] Go ask Alice 5] Not Another Teen Movie
Who is your favourite musician and why?: My Favourite Musician would be Pete Wentz From Fall out Boy. Just simply because he is amazing.
What is your favourite TV show?: i dont watch tv.
What is your favourite song?: All Hail The Heartbreaker - the spill canvas

what is your definition of emo? Emotions.

This is for the cam whores
Picture(s) of yourself:

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